Etiquette and dresscode for Adult and children

The rules for a good presentation into the life changed a lot of time since the first rules were written down.

But there are still rules they haven't changed. - Let me teach you this rules

Table etiquette

You are invited and on table are a lot of cuttlery on left and right of the plate?

Don't panic; it's easy.


How to take the glass of water or wine and champagne?


What to to with the napkin?


How will be sit which person?

The gift

What to offer to the host?

Should I offer something?



You are invited? - What to dress?


You got a new job? - The fist impression was the succes; your resume and CV. Now it's time for the interview.

Etiquette on trafic and public transport

How do you drive your car?

Do you let exit people and their car when you see a lot of trafic behind you?

Do you stay your security distance?

If you park your car, do you take care that the driver next to your car can get into his/her car without any problem?


Into public transport: do you help people get in and out if they need?

Do you offer your seat to someone else even as they do not need ?