True Art of Service organises the first personal and private houskeeping training in Luxembourg

You hired new staff or got housestaff who works for years for you and you want to refresh their knowledge or to learn new stuff? You want to upskill you personal in service? - so you are on the right place!

Every year are new findings and modifications into the domestic economy and service.

Got your staff up-to-date

A good trained personal is an easier life for employer

  • This training is not only for house staff, but also for interested women and men who want or should do the household by themselves.
  • A lot of people don't like to do housekeeping as it's 'a lot of work'. With good technics and time management it's done quick and easily
  • Men and adults who want (should) help will be trained too. The washing machine is no old television with lousy resolution, or the mop not a pet


Learn the products and how to use them, technics, household aids, why not to use microfibre cloth for oil emulsive produkts and how to do small repairs by yourself

Trainingschedule for staff

Trainingschedule for private households

From the first step on the estate to the end of the working day:

  • Schedule for staff,
  • Safety in household,
  • Knowledge the products and materials,
  • Time management,
  • How to enter a room,
  • How to exit a room,
  • Technics and maintenance into household,
  • Leads and tricks for good function of equipment,
  • Small repairs DIY,
  • Service and table setting,
  • Hierarchy into household
  • and much more

Simplify the housekeeping; some useful gimmicks:

  • Safety in household
  • knowledge of the products and materials
  • Function of the equipment and how to use them
  • How to clean
  • The cleaning items
  • Tidy up
  • Maintenance
  • and much more