May  I  introduce  myself?

Welcome to True Art of Service


My name is Christian Kummer, I am from Luxembourg and I am Butler and founder of the company 'True Art of Service'.


I offer you the real Service of a Butler: Not only service, but a life-task.

Energy, passion, commitment, discretion and excellence: The life of a Butler


I want to thank all my previous employers and my customers, they guided me with the different tasks I could do, to the right direction.

A very special Thanks also to Mister Wennekes and the team and instructors of the International Butler Academy, where I learned the real service of a butler.

The right place for every multifunctional person with organization and supervising talent.


To get your life stress-free and to give the chance to everyone to know the true promise of service , that's the reason why I founded True Art of Service. The life is full of stress, my services can help you to simplify your daily routine



Your personal Butler,


Christian Kummer