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Kommentare: 2
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    Anton (Sonntag, 30 September 2018 13:27)

    Mr Kummer was send to our apartment for cleaning.
    In very short time, he cleanied the whole apartment.
    I was surprised. And also with the respect how he works.
    Thank you mr Kummer; you clean very clean

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    S Z (Sonntag, 30 September 2018 13:24)

    I asked mr Kummer for cleaning my apartment and help as my shower was clogging. He asked when I leave the home or came back from work, but I trust him so much as I saw his work the last month, I gave him the key of my apartment when he came to the office the next day to fix a whiteboard on the wall.
    He wrote the evening before that he had no time to do the housekeeping, but after not even 1 hour he brought me back the key of my apartment. The shower was unplugged and the bathroom and kitchen cleaned.
    He si a very nice and friendly men where everybody can trust on him.
    Thank you very much mr Kummer